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BLOSSOM ❀ Enamel Pin
BLOSSOM ❀ Enamel Pin
BLOSSOM ❀ Enamel Pin

BLOSSOM ❀ Enamel Pin

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This enamel pin features an original character for the Blossom concept. Decorate your favorite bag or lanyard with your very own Blossom enamel pin ☆~ Learn to blossom finding sunlight in the gray. 


♡ D E T A I L S
‌• Enamel pin is approx 2.5" tall
‌• Rose gold enamel 
‌• Arrives attached to a backing card and packaged in a protective sleeve

P L E A S E ♥ N O T E
‌• Pins are handmade items and can vary from unit to unit. 

  • A GRADE/STANDARD GRADE - Pins are handmade items and can vary from unit to unit. Very few pins are perfect, but these are close. These are pins that have some very minor faults to them. Some of these minor faults include: minor plating imperfections, light scuffs or dust (you should be able to clean them up with a cloth), unnoticeable air bubbles, etc. Most of these imperfections are very minor and close to unnoticeable, so it doesn't affect wearability. These pins are sold at full price. 
  • B GRADE/SECONDS GRADE - These pins have noticeable flaws, some more minor or major than others. Some of the flaws that would qualify a pin as a B grade include: noticeable or multiple areas of under filled enamel, moderately scuffed enamel or metal, multiple points of imperfections on the metal plating, noticeable amounts of dust on soft enamel, small gouges or marks on enamel etc. A seconds grade pin might not be as nice as a Standard Grade, but it is still highly wearable and can make a good additional to a collection if the imperfections noted above are not bothersome to a collector. These pins are sold at a minor discount. 
  • C GRADE/JUNK GRADE - Pins in this category have multiple and massive defects that prevent them from being sold as standard or even seconds. Their defects are so severe that it would impact their wearability. Some of these defects include: large and very noticeable areas of scuffing, large or deep gouges in enamel, large or deep scratches in enamel, large areas of under filled enamel, multiple defects or imperfections in the metal plating. These pins are sold at a huge discount, or may be used in mystery bags, freebies or giveaways. 
‌• Colors may appear different in person due to different device settings.


♡ C O P Y R I G H T

 All Art & Design ©2020 Jeylany Martínez (Himebuns). Please do not steal, edit, publish or copy without written permission from the artist! ♡